Discussion Participant's Guide

This page outlines general rules for adding discussion topics, and responding with comments

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Adding a Discussion Topic

Discussion topics can be posted relating to any subject within the realm of amputee care, however, for reasons of security and client confidentiality, we have not opened the site to allow posting of topics by general users themselves. To have a discussion posted, please contact AustPAR admin, either via the Contact page, or at support@austpar.com.

General format for discussion topics is:

  • Discussion topics should be submitted ideally by a health professional
  • Topics should relate to the management of amputees
  • Submissions can take the form of a topic to initiate general discussion, or a specific question where an answer or opinion from group members is requested
  • Submissions should be limited to under 500 words, and can contain images, links to other web pages, or documents (that will be added to the site with relevant links). Photos of clients must be accompanied by a consent form to display their image
  • AustPAR Admin may request authors to edit their submissions to remove any of the following:
    • Email addresses
    • Content that identifies clients
    • Content that could be seen as derogatory or defamatory to any person, product, or business

Adding a Comment to a Discussion

All site visitors are free to add comments to discussion topics. Topics are generally open to comment for up to 6 months.

Those wishing to add a comment or response to a discussion post must enter an email address and name (or alias), in the appropriate fields. This is for security purposes. Email addesses will not be published on the site, nor does leaving an email address for comment indicate that you are subscribing to AustPAR. The separate Sign Up form is required to enrol on the AustPAR mailing list.

General format for comments are:

  • All comments will be held for review and moderation before being released for view, unless the person who has commented has previously approved comments
  • Comments can include links to other websites, but any comment with greater than 2 links may be filtered out as spam
  • Should you wish to include a document or attachment with your comment, contact AustPAR and we can post it for you
  • Comments that contain any of the following may be edited or removed:
    • Email addresses
    • Content that identifies clients
    • Content that could be seen as derogatory or defamatory to any person, product, or business
    • Inflammatory comments
    • Comments that are irrelevant to the topic being discussed, or are perceived to be spam

All comments are the opinion of the authors of those comments, and are not necessarily those of the administrators of the website, or other AustPAR members.

Please report offensive or derogatory comments to support@austpar.com.

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