Feb 03

Constant Stump Blistering

We have an 80 ish year old gentleman with TTA, delayed wound healing initially (wound dehiscence) and background of PVD, cardiac issues (30% LVEF). Oedema is managed. We made him a leg with silicone liner suction suspension. It’s fitting well. The issue is he keeps getting blisters on the bottom of his stump despite adequate/appropriate distal contact. His skin is paper-thin there but elsewhere is robust enough – it blisters with say 50-60m of walking in the leg; we leave the leg go until it heals/resolves and then start over again. We’ve tried old methods like UV to tougher the skin up because the current practises weren’t effective. He is due for a dermatology review next week to see if there is any other cause.

So despite best possible options this guys skin keeps letting him down. Would love to hear any ideas if anyone has any.


  1. Cathy Borg

    Hi Craig I am having similar blistering problems with a TTA that comes to our clinic at NGPH but sadly have no solutions for you. He is a weighty guy that started off with a properly fitting PTS but kept getting blisters with minimal walking. We swapped to a thigh lacer to try to reduce the pressure through his stump but still blistered. We have tried all sorts of gel liners, double forte socks but still the same result. He even tried staying off the leg for tthree months. We are close to a year down the track and by his choice we are continuing to simply cover the blisters and continue. The blister heals and another random one appears elsewhere, Occassionally one gets infected requiring antibiotics.Without his prosthesis this guy would not manage at home due to continence and arthritis of remaining limbs. Like you I feel at a loss of how to help him. Maybe someone has some ideas for us. Cathy Borg

  2. Sheila Hughes

    YOu would have to reconsider whether or not the prosthesis really is fitting well.
    If yes , maybe a distal silicone cup, which would provide more cushioning, might assist

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