Oct 21

Resources for Paediatric Traumatic Amputation

What resources have people used or recommend in the case of paediatric traumatic amputation? Particularly for the family in being supported and supporting the child and their siblings? Where do you start to explain what is involved in the journey of life as an amputee?


Deborah Vickers

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  1. apar_wp

    While not specific for trauma, there are a couple of Australian organisations that provide information and support for paediatric amputees.

    Limbs 4 Kids is an initiative by Limbs 4 Life, and has many resources, fact sheets, and contacts. You can also subscribe for their quarterly Thrive magazine and receive other updates.

    Limb Kids is another organisation made up of parents, professionals and interested people offering support services and access to social events for meeting other families in the same situation.

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