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Being Me – Robbie

Olivia from Attitude has told of another of their documentaries about another amazing young person who is an amputee. Robbie was born with phocomelia and uses a prosthetic leg; she’s doing her bit to change the world. She’s bringing together sustainability and organic coffee farming to enrich the lives of disabled Mexicans. Here is a link …

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Being Me – Ripu

This video was passed on to us from Olivia, who works at a New Zealand based TV company, Attitude. Ripu was living in Sydney and finishing a Masters in Journalism when meningococcal septicaemia nearly killed him.  One year later he’s learning to accept and live with his new body. The film (29mins) is available to watch for …

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Adaptive Surfers

Check this website for stories of the 2015 World Adaptive Surfing Championships, at which Australia won the world title. The 2016 Australian Adaptive Surfing Titles is a three day event that also aims to gather the Adaptive Surfing community together to meet and discuss how we can work together to develop the sport at …

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Latex Free Bandages

I am seeking some advice on compression bandages in the acute post operative phase. I have been asked by the wound care CNC of our hospital to see if there is a latex free alternative to the Elset S bandages we use for our new amputees in order to attempt to comply with latex minimisation …

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